From the views, to the weather, to the overall mood, this wedding had me in love with the beautiful Galway scenery, It made me love the fact that i travel Ireland to photograph weddings, and Barry and Faye were two of the most friendly and beautiful people i have ever met. 

Here is a wedding that hit every bump in the road one could hit, and still got to go ahead, sudden venue changes a few days before, covid cancellations, and so much more, they were determined to make it happen, and they did. I loved this wedding day, and i loved photographing this bride and groom. 

Emma and Nathan contacted me first to photograph there engagement, which i did with pleasure on the Cliffs Of Mohor. It was an amazing experience with breathtaking views, and it led to photographing there beautiful Christian wedding, in the front of the beach on a height in salthill Galway, it was an amazing wedding day and i am glad to call these people "forever friends"

A wedding i was not supposed to have. I photographed the kids last year, and when asked to do the wedding, i unfortunately had to turn it down due to the reason I was already booked. However, faith stepped in, Covid hit, and the original wedding postponed to a further date, I got in touch instantly, within a day, they cancelled the original photographer, forfeited there deposit, and booked me with excitement, Another wedding I am so thankful to have.

Sam and Enda gave me a wonderful opportunity to photograph there wedding day during a time when people didn't want to get married. Two beautiful souls who deserve each other and everything that comes there way.

Hi, I'm Keith

David and Josephine, The Claregalway wedding, When i first met David, he sounded like something from a movie. Snatch, or lock stock. The accent just made me want to listen to everything the man said, and Josephine, blew me away when i first walked in and saw her beauty in the make up chair on the morning of her wedding, Needless to say, one of my favourite couples i have ever photographed, and David will always be the Bradley Cooper of my portfolio.

My goal as a fine art wedding photographer is to take everything from your wedding and make it look good, better, and even better than its best, delivering a stylized couture gallery no matter how small the wedding may be.

To create

Images without a shelf life

Moments frozen in time

Capturing legacies

That will last forever


Photographer of the year 2019



What is fine art?


Fine art is knowledge, inspiration, and imagination made visible.


Fine art is that of which the hand, the head, and the heart of human go together.


Fine art is to strive for perfection with an impeccable finish.


“I just couldn't believe how beautiful he was able to make everything look. I was so excited to see the rest of the photos.”

Fiona & Duirmead Baily