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Hello, I'm


A Fine Art Photographer

People often ask me how I developed my style, and how I create images that stand out in today’s highly competitive market. Well, I am a Fine Art photographer.

My approach applies fine art photography to the living, breathing, fast-moving phenomenon that is weddings. For me, it is all about making something beautiful,  and capturing a moment . Ultimately, my goal is to craft vibrant, energetic, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs. 

The fine art approach is quite different to the regular “Fly on the wall” documentary style of photography that the wedding field is saturated with. It’s about creating a cohesive collection of artistic images. It is more than documentation. It’s more than candid imagery. It’s about integrating the personalities of the subjects with the setting to craft distinctive images that illustrate the unique appeal of each event. 

With black and white images, I adhere to the same basic principles but play with light and shadow, tones and motion, as opposed to colour. Throughout the process, my foundation remains the same, although I may tweak the techniques to maintain a consistent look to my images,

The fine art approach should be unified and of impeccable quality, reaching a higher level in the ultra competitive world of wedding photography, standing out, and establishing a consistent customer experience across the board. As more and more photographers flood the field with new digital cameras and a couple of weekends of training, the fine art approach offers more artisan vision that discerning clients find appealing. In today's marketplace, that is what the fine art approach is all about. I'm humbled to say that at just 30 years of age, I have had the pleasure to have been mentored by one of the best celebrity photographers in the world, Vincent Peters, and I use all these techniques and more when I shoot in a real world environment.

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