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Fiona & Diarmuid Bailey

2nd Aug 2019


We had our wedding on Friday the 2nd of August this year. Keith arrived and I remember offering him a cup of tea, asking what he needed from me, where he needed to photograph and he just said to me, 'Don't worry about us, we will look after ourselves.' This one sentence set the tone for the whole day. Keith was subtle, in the background and absolutely lovely and calm for the entire day. Keith came in to me while I was getting my make up done and showed me a few shots he had taken of my perfume, the wedding booklet etc. I just couldn't believe how beautiful he was able to make everything look. I was so excited to see the rest of the photos. Keith shot a wonderful balance of fun and romantic photos on the day, showing our personalities and our story. I felt like a film star for the entire day. We have no experience in front of a camera but with Keith's guidance and advice, we were at ease the whole day. We laughed the whole time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Nothing was a problem for Keith. We asked him to take a few specific group shots of family and friends and he did so with ease. We couldn't have been happier with Keith. Such a friendly, calm and professional photographer. And the photos are just stunning. The way he captures expressions and little moments in time - magic. Thank you Keith. We will be sure to recommend you to any of our friends who are getting married. 


Davy & Helen Moore

12th Jul 2019


No ordinary photographer, for no ordinary wedding. Keith Touhey is a photographer like no other who came into our lives as a wedding photographer with a huge heart and left us as a lifetime friend. He gave us an absolutely priceless gift when he photographed my brothers wedding ceremony and as a family, we will be forever grateful to him. In late June of this year my beloved brother received a shock diagnosis of terminal cancer. Sadly, there were no treatment options available and no hope of recovery. The prognosis was very poor with only a few weeks to fulfil a lifetime of living. His most pressing wish was to re-declare his wedding vows to the love of his life and his partner of 30 years, mother of their two sons and grandmother of their 3 treasured grandchildren before he passed. As a family we vowed to help him to make this a reality. It took a few frantic weeks but finally, he was stable enough to do this, the special licence had been granted, a wonderful celebrant who was available had been found and we were ready to begin planning. Only one major problem was a very serious time restraint. The wedding was to take place only 10 days later, on July 26th, before his eldest son and new grandson had to return to America and in between palliative care treatments. In complete panic I turned to an online wedding planning group told of our predicament and asked for advice on pulling this off in 10 short days with a tiny budget and a family in complete shock. I received lots of advice regarding decorations etc and then something magical happened, Keith Touhey saw my post and instantly offered to help. To say I was stunned by this, would be a massive understatement. This was peak wedding season, a complete stranger had just offered to travel halfway across the country to photograph this incredibly emotional wedding service at such short notice and was doing this for absolutely no fee. When Keith sent me a link to his website I knew in that instant that we had somehow been granted the gift of an extremely talented wedding photographer who would honour the day with a visual record of this most intimate occasion. They say that a picture can tell a thousand stories and what Keith somehow managed to capture in a brief time on that day tells one amazing story. A complete story of life, of love and of loss. From start to finish, Keith managed to preserve each moment of the day in such incredible detail and with so much emotion jumping out from each and every shot. We will never be able to thank him much for giving us such powerful images. Each and every one of them is an absolute treasure. He has given us a priceless gift here, tender moments captured for eternity. Moments that we will never again have the chance to relive and we appreciate each and every one of them with all of our hearts. These pictures have touched our hearts and they will become amongst our families most treasured possessions. There are "photographers" and then there are people who's eye for detail, whose passion for their craft pours from their eye to the shutter and finds its way onto paper and they are more than a photographer. Keith Touhy belongs in this second group, The Visual Storytellers, the ones who freeze a moment in time and preserve it forever. Keith is a photographer like no other who managed to immortalise these incredibly moving and sensitive moments, to preserve these memories in a series of unbelievably touching and beautiful photographs with such a fine eye for detail that simply is beyond belief. Keith managed to very professionally and very gently guide us through the process on the day. Understanding that my brother was unable to stand and that time was a huge factor he framed each shot with consideration. He captured the beautiful tender moments, the tears as they rolled from our eyes and the fun and the laughter as we gathered to witness the love that exists between husband and wife. The clarity of the close up shots of the finer details of the wedding rings or the bouquet that the bride carried right through to a mother fighting to hold back the tears as she congratulated her son on his wedding day while carrying the impending loss heavy on her shoulders has been sensitively and beautifully saved. But above all of this he captured Love. One of Keith's incredibly detailed photographs will rest on top of my brothers casket when the time comes to say our final goodbyes. And forever more our family will have these wonderful images to look back on and to cherish. I can not recommend this outstanding photographer highly enough. His friendly nature, professionalism, attention to detail and pure talent will ensure that any future clients of Keith's will be absolutely guaranteed to not only thoroughly enjoy the experience of working with him but will be 100% happy that they chose no ordinary photographer but an amazing visual storyteller to capture their special day

Keith Touhey_Film Scan Wedding-152.jpg

Eric & Danielle

11th Oct 2018


Keith is a perfect choice for your wedding day if you're looking for a unique photographer that catches moments in a spectacular fashion. He made us feel at ease and has a great character and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with him at Kinnitty Castle for our wedding. We just got our photos back from him and we cant believe how beautiful they turned out.


Keith has a great eye and the moments he caught at our wedding we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Thank you Keith we cant recommend you enough!

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Sarah & Niall Cullen

10th Aug 2019


Keith managed to fit right into the colourful, quirky and (slightly mad) tapestry that was our wedding, But once he arrived my house, said hello and said I need to put this couch on its side and up against that wall.... I knew he would fit right in! It lashed rain all day as-well, which I thought would be upsetting, but the photos Keith managed to take, I'm now delighted it rained. And he reassured me the whole way through that it was going to make fab photos. He definitely felt like a member of the wedding instead of a vendor or supplier. He was never in my face, while always being there. And it was nothing but jokes, laughter and fun throughout the whole day! Thanks so much Keith and best of luck!


Gerard & Emma Treacy

13th Apr 2018

"From start to finish Keith and his assistant David were very professional and a pleasure to have at my wedding. I couldn't recommend him highly enough, nothing was an issue. He made us feel so comfortable and blended in so well."

"Keith was fantastic from when he arrived and blended in so well. We got some magical shots and sample shots the day after the wedding and they were amazing! He is a lovely guy and great to deal with, I would highly recommend him to all couples!!"

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